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Are you a prepper, hunter, camper or just looking to add to your Emergency Survival Kit?

The LifeStraw would be a great addition, as it allows you to drink water from anywhere.

Fill up your water bottle with stream or puddle water and you can drink it safely!

Email us at: to see about ordering one!

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Hurricane Irma Tracking

Hurricane Irma is set to hit South Florida, the Florida Keys and possibly even Cuba.

The storm has been moved to a category 5 with winds reaching 180 mph.

We should be using what we learnt with Hurricane Harvey to get prepared for Hurricane Irma!

Food and water, radios, blankets, candles, hand warmers, are just a few of the items that your family could use. We have limited supplies but can ship as early as tomorrow!

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How to Evacuate

In the event an evacuation alert is issued for your area:

  • Prepare to leave your home on short notice.
  • Stay tuned to your local authority’s public information channels, as well as Emergency Info BC for updates:
  •  Have your emergency kit and important documents ready to go, which should include things like insurance and personal papers such as birth certificates. You should also pack:
    • Several days’ clothing.
    • Medicine/prescriptions.
    • For your children, comfort items, like a favourite toy or colouring books to help keep them busy.
    • For your pets, leashes, carriers and pet food.
  • Consider collecting precious photos and mementoes that can’t be replaced.

As well, please check in on any family, friends or neighbours who may need a helping hand due to mobility or other issues.

In the event of an evacuation order, you must leave the area immediately. Local authorities will not ask you to leave without good reason, and failing to leave when asked to by officials puts yourself and others at risk. When an evacuation order is issued:

  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants and sturdy shoes to help protect you from unforeseen hazards.
  • Collect family members or go to the place designated in your family plan as a meeting place.
  • Plan to take your pets with you; do not leave them behind. Because pets are not permitted in public shelters, follow your plan to go to a relative or friend’s home, or find a “pet-friendly” hotel.
  • Grab your emergency kit and follow the directions to the identified reception centre.
  • Follow the routes specified by emergency officials. Avoid shortcuts – they could take you to a blocked or dangerous area.
  • Take critical items already in your kit (medicine, purse, wallet and keys).
  • Take your pets in kennels or on a leash.
  • Close all doors and windows. Close and latch gates, but do not lock them.
  • Take a cell phone if you have one.
  • If there is time and it is safe to do so, shut off water at the main line into your home, and switch off electricity at the breaker panel. Leave natural gas service ‘on’.
  • Stay well away from any downed power lines.
  • If you go to an evacuation centre, sign up with the registration desk so you can be contacted or reunited with your family and loved ones.
  • Contact your out-of-area emergency contact (identified in your personal emergency plan) to let them know what has happened, that you are okay, and how to contact you. Alert them to any separated family members.

Your local authority officials will advise you when it’s safe to return home.

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Customization Options

See one of our Kits you like but there is 1 or more things missing that YOU would want in YOUR Kit?
Send us a message and let us know what it is you would change or add, and we will work on getting you a quote for your personalized Kit! We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your Kit!

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Free Delivery!

Hey Everyone,

We are going to be offering FREE DELIVERY to anybody living local to us!
We will personally come and drop off your Kits to your home.

This will include: Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, and Vancouver!

Simply hit “Local Pickup” on the Cart Page, and in your “Order Notes” on the bottom of the Checkout Page, write FREE DELIVERY.
And be sure to fill out an address on your billing details so we know where to go! We will email you with a date and time, just reply to confirm!

Happy Kit Shopping!



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More on the Kelowna Floods

Emergency Kit

Kristen Thompson from Vancouver Metro News wrote a fantastic article about the need for Emergency Kits and Survival Kits in British Columbia, no matter where you live. Emergency preparedness needs to be a higher priority for citizens of BC.

British Columbia is full of regions where the risk of disaster is a possibility. From wildfires, floods, landslides, power outages, and earthquakes, you just never know when mother nature will throw something at you.

The best thing is to be prepared. If you’re unsure where to start, you can head to PreparedBC and check out all of the great info they have on preparing for emergencies.

Our Kits go above and beyond to provide you with the peace of mind during an emergency that you’ll have everything you might possibly need to get you through the first 3 days of an emergency.

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Kelowna Floods

KELOWNA — Facing a flood unlike anything in the Okanagan for centuries, residents of Ellison Lake made a last-ditch effort Thursday to save their beachfront homes.

The lake — also known as Duck Lake — is six kilometres north of Kelowna International Airport and is a popular spot for water-skiing, according to residents of Turtle Lodges Resort, which sits at its north end.

Thursday afternoon, a handful of them remained, sandbagging their homes, the homes of their neighbours, and campers in an RV park, fearing the devastation to come.

Earlier in the day, Adrian Nieoczym, information officer with the Regional District of the Central Okanagan, had warned the region could be facing a “one-in-200-year flooding event.”

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There was a 6.2 Magnitude earthquake in the Yukon early this morning.

Aftershocks ensued at 6.3 Magnitude.

People were shaken awake and there are even reports of people falling out of bed.

One school closure and many buildings evacuated due to cracks reaching from ground floor up to the second floor.